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Orodje za merjenje kratkega stika KS TOOLS

Orodje za merjenje kratkega stika KS TOOLS
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- For the quick, easy and proper searching for short circuits, cable faults and leakage current without having to puncture wires
- Saves a great deal of time, because removing interior lining, carpeting and trim on the vehicle can be reduced to the essentials
- Short circuiting is eliminated
- For tracking cable guides
- For locating electrical components in the vehicle
- For detecting broken circuits or cable breaks
- For locating the cause of severe battery charge losses
- For testing and detecting temporarily interrupted connections (“loose connections”)
- The transmitter is connected to the circuit to be tested with the insulated crocodile clamps via the fuse box
- The output signal is received by the receiver and indicated acoustically as well as through a directional LED
- The error can be localised by following the line
- If the receiver no longer receives a signal, the short circuit has been found
- The transmitter can be optionally expanded to include headphones via the built-in port
- Can be used for circuits from 12 V to 42 V
- The detection sensitivity can be variably adjusted
- Includes 2 x 9 V block battery
- In plastic bag